sharing Christ with all those around us!

In the great commission, Jesus clearly indicated that the church needed to go "out!" Over the past couple of decades, the church in general has had more of an "ingrown" personality. We have focused most of our attention on an "attractional" model rather than focusing on our mission. To that end, The Bridge is in the process of balancing our ministry to focus more on what we can do outside of the walls of the church.


It does no good to sell the goods to each other in the church, we need to share what God has done for us with those around us... neighbors, friends at school, people we meet at sports events, shopping, etc.  We even have the opportunity to share Christ with people we will never meet at all through worldwide ministry opportunities. Our church participates in a variety of outreach ministries including a Food Bank Ministry from our church location to hosting a collection point for Operation Christmas Child where every person, young and old, are privileged to share God's love with others around the world.


In order to facilitate a more "missional" approach to our ministry each of our small group ministries are challenged to find a need in their community and serve there.  In the past few years its been exciting to see small groups come alongside our public schools and other community organizations. 


Below is another ministry opportunity we are excited to participate in...Faith Comes By Hearing, Military BibleSticks.  Read the article below for more info.  In the meantime, join us in sharing Christ with ALL those around us!


Military Chaplains Find Effective Tool in Military BibleStick


Pocket-sized, digital audio device

serves this generation of soldiers well


When Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH) began their military outreach in early 2008, with an initial production of 1,000 Military BibleSticks, nobody at the ministry had any idea what the project would grow into. A little more than three years later, they have gone from honoring a request from a handful of chaplains for a deployment-ready version' of their standard BibleStick to fulfilling requests from over 700 chaplains for these small, portable audio devices that come pre-loaded with the entire dramatized New Testament. All told, the world's foremost Audio Bible ministry has shipped more than 123,000 Military BibleSticks to chaplains serving America's troops around the globe.


The Military BibleStick comes pre-loaded with the entire New Testament. It is rugged enough to withstand tough weather conditions, can be used in low-light situations, and it easily fits into uniform pockets.


"Chaplains in the military don't have huge budgets for ministry tools, so they depend on organizations like Faith Comes By Hearing," continues Wilke. "Fortunately, individual donors and an out-pouring of support from church partners across America have come together to bless them with BibleSticks free of charge."


The ministry's $25 ask, or cost per unit, covers the audio player and ear buds, an additional Audio Bible on MP3 disc, and of course the ancillary packaging and shipping costs. However, the package also comes with a postage-paid postcard that the service men and women can return with requests for additional MP3 discs to be sent to their spouse and children at home.


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