You’re invited to join us each Sunday! Our Sunday classes begin at 9.00 AM with our Bridge Cafe open at 10.00 AM. Our exciting and dynamic Worship Service begins at 10.30 AM and we are currently in a message series titled, "Days of Future Past." We would love to see you here!


KNOWING Christ through a personal

 relationship with him 


SERVING Christ by being involved

in our church & our community


 MULTIPLYING by sharing Christ

with all those around us!



Knowing, Serving, Multiplying


These days hope can be pretty hard to find. With world unrest, the threat of terrorism, economic issues and daily stress, it's hard to believe that you can have everlasting hope. But at The Bridge, we have found a reason to have hope for a brighter future; and its not dependent on you and me, but on something bigger. Come join us each week and hear some good news that can give you real hope!