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Beginning Easter Sunday, The Bridge will begin a 12 week study in the Book of Acts in conjunction with the new TV series, AD. to be shown on NBC on Sunday evenings. Easter, the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus, was just the beginning! Journey with us as we discover the together the birth of the early church and its power to change the world then and still today. Hope you will join us! Worship Service begins at 10.30 AM! See you there!


P.S. The Bridge Cafe is open both before and after services!

Guest Speaker for Sunday, March 17th 


Please welcome Ruth Rosen from Jews for Jesus this coming Sunday, March 17th and make sure you visit with her after the service in the Lobby.  Following Sunday's service, ushers will be at the back of the church to collect a special Love Offering to bless Jews For Jesus Ministries.  for more information about Ruth Rosen and Jews for Jesus, visit her website page at



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 MULTIPLYING by sharing Christ

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